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Default Re: New Members - please post your introductions here

Greetings, my name's Mike, and I'm from Wakefield, QC. I got my first computer about 33 years ago. It was a Commodore 64C. Eventually, I got pretty sick of leaving it on and programming in BASIC for a few weeks, only to have the power trip, and loose half a month of typing, so I got a 1541 (5.25" disk drive.) Eventually, it started to act up, and I popped the case, reseated every chip that I could, and it worked! From there, it was my love of AMiGA's, dissection of piles of devices / neighbours computers (only to have them work again!) / even dabbling a bit in Ardrino's, PWM and stepper motors. (That uses a 5A 55VDC coil to power it, if you ever want to have an arm wrestle, don't do it with that!)

Certainly I'll attempt to contribute where I can, but like most, I came here because I have questions! All the best and all the rest, ~MM~
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