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Originally Posted by spleenharvester View Post
I've read about some of the safety issues with hot air stations before - should I open it up before I use it and check for anything?
Any cheap tool that comes from China should be opened and inspected, IMO. They build these stations way too quickly in the sweat shop, and sometimes miss things or do a bad job with putting them together (my solder station had a wire badly pinched on one of the edges in the transformer in it, which is grounded - it worked, but was clearly a concern).

I also suggest keeping these hot air stations unplugged when not in use, particularly if the heating element for the hot air nozzle is only switched through a TRIAC (which in my 852D+ is). Reason I suggest that is because if the TRIAC shorts out, the heating element will come on without the air turning on, and this WILL cause the hot air nozzle to catch fire - seen it with my eyes twice now (though luckily not on my 852D+).

Originally Posted by spleenharvester View Post
Also, are the tips fairly generic for these stations? If so where can I find replacements? (one review said the hot air nozzles are too large and the iron only comes with one tip)
Yes, the soldering iron tips are generic Hakko 900M -type. And by generic, I really mean low quality crap. Chances are, you will find that iron almost useless, or at least a lot less powerful than a well-made regular 40-50 Watt wall-type iron. So if that Wep 852D+ is anything like my KADA, it would only be useful for the hot air. On that note, I am (or was) quite content with the performance of the hot air on my KADA station - plenty of airflow and heat to remove small SMD components, and even enough to remove BGA RAM and chipsets with a bottom heater.

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