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Default About Ground Loops & Oscillations - Stability

I'm defenitely no pro, but I've done alot of research when it comes to opamps, whether it be audio, video or just some other funky IC of special usage. One thing which has always been important in many application briefs and datasheets is the need to eliminate ground loops. There are tons of articles on grounding techniques. Ground loops are known to cause oscillations in IC's and noise problems, usually from one subsection of a PCB being forced to find another path to ground that it wasn't meant to use. This is known to cause audible distortion in audio IC's and visible distortion in video IC's. It seems reasonable to conclude that this can also cause instability issues.

I'd like to see someone try to improve their overclocking results by eliminating ground loops in a PC. PC's are a gigantic mess of ground loops. You have earth ground coming into the PSU, being connected to the PSU's PCB and also usually tied to it's chassis. Naturally, you pass ground from the PSU's PCB to the motherboards PCB, but then you also have the chassis of the PSU being tied to the case. The case is tied to the motherboard and all it's add-on cards because they attach to the case. This can only be potential for something bad. This doesn't even take into account ground trying to pass out of or into all attaching cables, sound, video, etc., which throws even more fat on the fire; plus your add-on cards having potential for grounding through eachother. And since you obviously aren't going to lift ground from the spaghetti coming out of your PSU, it should be removed from the case.

Any thoughts?
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