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Smile Re: Sony Bravia no picture but backlight on

Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
T-CON is staring right at you. Right in middle at top hiding behind the vented cover with 4 little screws.

Do you have multi-meter? Take T-CON cover off and find a small SMD fuse and measure this first, tend to be very near the LVDS connector. You want very low ohms. If high ohms, bridge this old fuse with 2A picofuse secured with bit of soldering job on both ends. Take very clear picture of the exposed T-CON board.

Make sure T-CON have thermal pad atop the big square chip and any smaller ones if are there.

Cheers, Wizard
i have a bravia kdl 46w3000 with same issue. backlights are perfect, i hear sound from all ports but no picture at all. screen lights up and changes as i flip channels but there is no letters or words or numbering just a blank lit screen no matter what i do. i reseated all cables, tightened down screws, checked for bad caps and everything seems fine. what is the problem im having? sorry im not sure how to do this, its my first time ever using a forum in my life. hope i did this right
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