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Default Re: Panasonic Viera TH-42PX75U with 7 Blinks

Thanks for helping out.
So the TV does not run with the SC board disconnected (two connectors, 1 power and 1 ribbon). I assume that means the buffers are also then disconnected, as they only seem to be connected to the rest of the system through the SC board. Does it tell me something to remove the buffers and turn it on with the SC connected and the buffers removed?

I tested all the Q components across the outer legs and none are shorted. Some have values in the 1800 range (is that ohms in the diode mode?), some have lower values like 600s, or 250s. None appear to be dead short. There are some similar components labeled with D that have continuity across the outer legs. These helped convince me to try a new SC board, but maybe they are supposed to be this way. Components on both boards, old and new, measure about the same.

The number on the SC board is TNPA4182. I didn't find any repair kits for this immediately available (meaning I only looked a couple pages deep in Google...)

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