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Default Re: Smartpad Ep772n Neo Dual Core - Kurzschluss der FL-Diode

It could be a little difficult to find the exact diode here, but that might not necessarily be a deal-breaker. If I were you, I would look at the chip on the board right next to the diode and see if I could find a datasheet. Then I would look to see if there are schematic examples so you could figure out if the diode needs to be a schottky diode or a standard diode. I would bet that it is a schottky diode since it looks like a part of switching circuitry, but the datasheet for the chip would be the most useful thing here I think. Once you figure out what type of diode it needs to be, you really should be able to just substitute that part with an adequately rated diode. Really, you probably could replace it with any schottky diode that is in that form factor, assuming it is a schottky diode, and have it function alright.

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