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Originally Posted by stj View Post
flux absorbs moisture, so lifespan depends on how you store it.
Although it was in the original syringe with the cap still over the end, so theoretically pretty air-tight, it WAS out in a balcony all these years which tends to get pretty damp in the winters, so yeah...

Originally Posted by stj View Post
Hmmm, I think I actually have that at work Never even opened it once. I have something similar at home left over from my grandpa who was a tech-whiz himself. As a kid, I used that extensively to tin stuff with: I'd dip the end of the wire into it and solder would stick beautifully to it, making soldering a joy. With the board now dead, I'll have something to try all these things on, starting with this ancient 30 year-old solder paste which I remember leaving a greasy, oily residue even when heated at full blast with my soldering GUN, so it might actually stay liquid under hot air and not evaporate

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