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Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Ok, the more I diddled with this, the more I liked it, with a specific task in mind. The CPU is a Pentium Quad core @ 2.4Ghz with 8gb DDR3 RAM in dual channel mode. When I first looked at it, I wasnt sure if it was dual core with HT or quad....but researching the specs, it is indeed a quad core!! Since the Displayport works, that's all I need....I can care less about the VGA port....and as efficient as this thing is, it would be stellar to make a DVR out of for my home & shop security system. The current one is a power sucking C2Q that isn't really up for the task at times...multiple simultaneous recordings seem to really bring it down. Spec-wise, this should blow it away as far as speed and efficiency. The original PSU was a mere 180w if that tells you anything. Of course it won't go back into that HP case, I have a really awesome wall-mountable industrial case for the DVR. I installed Win7, the BIOS is SLIC'd for it (although the COA on the case was Win8.1)....and tomorrow I'll do the graphics test to see if its really up for the new as it is, I think it should be fine.
It passed the graphics test!! A new DVR is born!
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