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Default Re: PS4 - Blue Light of Death

Originally Posted by dragos2009 View Post
ps4 and xbox one use the hd 7770 gpu chip not the 5770
Ooops, you're right. Guess my memory went corrupt there. I do remember it was HD something -770. But yeah, come to think of it, HD5770 would be a bit too old.

That makes it even more possible for the problem to be GPU (BGA/substrate) -related... But I agree with what Stefan says too: check the HDMI port connections and see if anything appears shorted. It could also be that the HDMI cable that was used with the PS4 got shorted or the connector on the TV/monitor that it was used on was damaged, and that caused damage to the PS4 HDMI. So rule out the simple stuff first: check HDMI port and the chips related to it. Unfortunately, I personally can't give you more info on that, as I haven't had the chance to service any PS4 consoles yet.
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