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Default Re: Samsung PN64H5000 clicking when powered, then stuck in standby

Minor update: with the help of this video forwarded to me by a very kind tech (see vid for source, if you're interested), I jumpered the Vs_on and Ps_on pins, and was able to measure correct voltages at all the power board connectors and test points.

Then another helpful tech at a different shop suggested I check the Z-sustain (X-sustain? It's the board connected to the power board which *isn't* the main board.) for shorts. Sure enough, Vs was shorted to ground.

I pulled the board out, and didn't see any obvious signs of scorching or damage. (There's some white crust along the top edge, and the top connector has some orange sticky stuff on it - see third image above - but that's about it. Maybe a bad transistor?)

The power board seems functional, if my jumpered test was correct. It would be good to know if there are any ways of testing the main / y-sustain / logic board in isolation, or at least without the z/x-sustain board connected, though. So that I don't replace the Z, only to find the whole thing's still broken. And/or to test to see if the short on Z was caused by one of the other board, so I don't blow my replacement when I plug it in.
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