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Default Avoiding recapping the board yourself

5. [ Avoiding recapping the board yourself ]

5.1. Can I send the board back to the manufacturer to repair?

You could do that but we do not recommend it. You could spend money on shipping costs or out of warranty repairs and the result may not be perfect. We have seen reports of slow service by manufacturers, we have also seen reports of the manufacturer repairing only the visibly bad caps and leaving the rest. Even using the same type of Bad Caps to repair the board. At best you could receive back a new board but with the same type of caps which failed last time and you can expect the new board to fail in a similar length of time. We recommend to replace all the bad caps yourself or get a technician to do it. If the replacement caps are high quality then they should last the useful lifetime of the board, like around 7 years or more.

5.1. Can I get replacement caps from the motherboard manufacturer?

Actually I have read of one user who did get a bag of caps from the motherboard manufacturer Soltek. Again this is not recommended, they probably will give you the same type of bad caps that failed on your board before. Better to get the best quality replacement caps yourself.

5.2. Who can I get to repair the board?

We recommend to deal only with technicians that you have seen to be recommended as offering a good service. The owner of the forums Topcat and also another moderator KC8 offer great professional recapping services. However they only deal with customers based in USA like they are. Several people on these forums who are outside USA have got their boards repaired by the local television repairman but I would make sure that the repairman understands exactly what to do and what caps to use, he may not have worked on motherboards before. You could also repair the board yourself, it is not that difficult at all, many have had great success with their first board.

5.3. If I or someone else recaps the board will my warranty be affected?

Yes it definitely void the warranty.

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