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Default Re: Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

Well, I guess measuring the voltage is easier than desoldering and measuring resistance anyway We found the bad resistor without a soldering iron!

You can probably substitute something close by for a test but not knowing the characteristics of the coil I don't know. The duty cycle seems like the average power dissipation would not be high at all.

But it failed! And resistors usually don't fail!

Not sure if it's simply construction defect but odd that I doubt design problem... then again the resistors show no heat damage which usually cause their demise.

As a test you probably can go up to 470Ω but safest to keep wattage. Higher wattage resistors unfortunately significantly goes up in costs so likely you don't want to go past 10W.

BTW - what parts *do* you have that you could use?
If you have like two 180Ω 5W you could hook them up in series and you're done, or perhaps two 680Ω 5W resistors and hook in parallel and be fairly close.

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