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Default Considering a board for Cap replacement

10. [ Considering a Board for Cap Replacement ]

Before you start recapping a board you really should evaluate the board before you install $20+ of caps on a board which does not post after you did the job. So :

Non Working Boards :

If you purchased the board as non working :

1) does any component on the board look burnt?
2) Does it look like any component even a small smt component has been detached from the board?
3) Is any essential connector or HSF clip or ram clip broken that you might need?
4) Are any traces on the board scratched or otherwise damaged?

If any of the above situations are on the board then expect to have to do a lot more work than just replace the caps. It could be that the board is not worth repairing.

If you know the history of the board it is easier.

1) If the board was taken out of service early while the caps were leaking but there were no shorts.

2) You left the caps a long time and there were shorts, some components were burnt.

With no.1 you have a chance of recapping the board sucessfully. With no.2 there is gonna be a lot of work to do and maybe the board is not worth repairing.
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