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Talking Re: Modifying laptop adapter for 12v

Well, just for those curious how the end product looks like, here's the "charge unit" I concocted The diode is a tied that to the relay...nice and neat. Adapter VCC to blue wire, ground to blue wire, battery + to red wire. Zener diode on that relay just in case, since I wasn't sure how well it's play with 14v for long periods of time, though I'm sure I'm just paranoid. Also a 1n4007 diode to "catch" the coil kickback when the relay turns off.

When the adapter is "available", it sends VCC to the "ignition" terminal (not connected yet in the pics) of the CD player and also closes the relay which allows VCC to also go through the diode into the battery. When the adapter is disconnected, the ignition terminal is switched off, the relay opens and the diode prevents the battery from keeping the relay on with its own power. Meanwhile, the yellow "power" wire for the CD player is always connected to the now-charged battery to keep its settings and stuff (also not pictured) and it all works great
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