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Default Re: Modifying laptop adapter for 12v

I said LESS THAN half an amp, if that. I think it's like 0.003A, so yeah, nevermind half an amp....WAY less than half an amp. Yes, it loses its settings since I tried it on the bench when I got it. The Pioneer one I got in my car also does this sadly - not too top of the line but wasn't cheap either, so it's not a price point issue AFAIK. Had to replace my battery a couple of years ago and had to set it up again after that. That's one thing that crossed my mind: why don't (the majority of, as you pointed out) these headunits store their settings somehow ? I can understand this one since it's rather old, but newer ones don't do this either. The Chinese got it right once again with a cheapo desktop/thermometer clock I got at home: it's got a CMOS battery inside and even remembers its clock when power goes out and I LOVE IT

I have a full set of surround speakers for that matter, two which are blasting right now in my shop - I'll add another 2 plus the sub when I get my AUX cable for this thing, since it uses a nonstandard plug and had to order it off Ali....I could've botched some wires there but I'll probably want to sell it if I ever leave this place and pack up all my sh!t and the new shop doesn't allow "customizations"
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