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Default Re: Modifying laptop adapter for 12v

I was also being a dipshit in my original post: the original voltage wasn't 19v, but 16v, since IT'S A SONY ! I was a bit surprised at how much the voltage dropped with such little change in resistance, but it didn't drop from 19v, but from 16 which was pretty close to begin with. I went with a 20k and a 1k one in series for 14.4 output which is perfect. Charging away quite nicely with no complaints...remember I told you that battery was completely flat after running that lightbulb all weekend

The radio draws less than half an amp with just the VCC connected (iginition terminal disconnected) and around 500mA when running, though it had no speakers connected. I'm sure the adapter can run it quite happily and charge the battery at the same time. The maximum allowed voltage on that radio is 16v according to the manual, so I could've gone slightly higher in volts on that adapter, but I figured 14 is enough for "cyclic" use.
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