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Talking Re: Modifying laptop adapter for 12v

Here's some more pics of this supply. It's pretty packed in there so I took some close-ups of the output stage as well. That definitely looks like a current sense resistor in that piece of heatshrink tube there, so there is some current sensing going on too.

The one going to VCC is that 24kOhm (2432 resistor). I botched a thru-hole 20k one in its place instead and it works: the voltage dropped to 13,5v, so that's the one....I was lucky to get it just about right from the first time, though I think I'll go slightly higher at around 21-22k, since 13.5 is just slightly too low for charging a lead-acid battery, especially with that diode I'm trying to use which will insert some Vdrop of its own.....
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