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Talking Re: Modifying laptop adapter for 12v

Actually THIS is what I'm going to use it for: please have a look at that scribble in MS Paint I threw together: I got my hands on a car headunit, MP3 whatever and it's got AUX in...sounds pretty good and I want to install it in my shop (don't judge guys ). Power to the outlets gets cut when I close the shop, which would cause it to lose its settings permanently, so I found a UPS battery in my underpants which I'm going to use in that configuration. When AC is available, it will be turned to DC 15v via this adapter I'm trying to hack, close the relay, power the headunit and also (this is the part I'm not sure about), charge the battery via the diode. When power gets cut, the coil has no power (since DC from the battery can't keep it on thanks to the diode) and it prevents the headunit from running on JUST the battery (so you don't forget it on). Meanwhile, though this is not figured, there's a second "VCC" wire coming from the wire loom that will be permanently connected to the + terminal of the battery to preserve its settings, so the wire I'm actually switching is the ACC "accessory" wire that gets toggled on/off with the ignition - not the main power to the unit itself....what do you think ? That's Danny for you...
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