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Default Re: Need help identifying a component. Supermicro X9DRL-iF

For the price, I think that seems to be a pretty reasonable product, considering it's a dedicated LCR meter. Only downfall is that it only goes to 2000 uF, and lowest inductance scale is 200 uH. But not too bad.

For the small ceramic caps talked about in this thread, this should work fine.

On the other hand, I can't also help but also recommend one of those cheap "component/transistor testers" from eBay and AliExpress (typically $15 or less with free S&H). The nice thing about them is that they can measure ESR on capacitors as well - very helpful for testing electrolytic caps. They also offer higher range for the capacitance (I think 20000 uF, if not more). As for inductance, IIRC mine couldn't measure below 5 or 10 uH. So, similar to the LCR meter above, the low-range on the inductance isn't that great. But you do get transistor test functions as well.

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