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Default Re: Need help identifying a component. Supermicro X9DRL-iF

Also check if the caps are connected to the CPU VRM low side (CPU V_core, which is usually 1.x volts) or high side (typically 12V). This will matter for choosing the voltage rating of the caps - for the high side (12V), a rating of 25V or more is recommended. For the low side, 4V or more would be needed.

Originally Posted by fety View Post
Thanks, is there a way to find out their values so I know what to look for?
Probably best to remove one and check the capacitance (if you have a capacitance meter, that is). Otherwise, going by what voltage rail the caps are connected to, I find that high-side ceramic caps are typically 4.7 uF and low-side caps vary between 4.7 uF to 20 uF, depending on size and count.
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