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Default Re: Paxville or Bust! The Supermicro X6DA8 Project

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Just a little footnote for this thread for Momaka and his love of older PSU's...
Hehe, thanks!

Actually, if there is anyone that would enjoy this more than me, it is Mr. Pentium4, as he is the one that gave me my e-Power PSU (same PSU as this one). He said he had several of these PSU (recapped, of course) running in various systems, and they've been very reliable - each PC netting over 20 or 30k hours, IIRC.

So good thing you saved it. There PSU are kind of like the old CWT-built Antecs: good workhorses only downed by bad caps (thanks to Fuhjyyu! ). Unlike the CWT Antecs, these PSUs use a PWM chip for the 5VSB circuit rather than your typical primitive 2-transistor design of the CWTs.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
This one is an Enlight EN-470MP that was in the Enlight case from earlier in the thread.
It's still a Topower unit, though, as evident by those "TOP" markings on each transformer. Unlike Zumax (which is what e-Power began to use after Topower), Topower-built units are pretty well designed and reliable.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Disassembly was a pain with this PSU...had to desolder a full heatsinks worth of transistors to gain access to the caps under the heatsink.
Yeah, that's the only downfall of PSUs with big heatsinks: you either have to remove them or work under the heatsinks. I recapped two very beefy FSP units for someone here, and they both took quite a bit of time to do due to the large heatsinks. One of them, I actually had to work the caps out without removing the heatsinks, as the PCB was dual-layer and very hard to heat up.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Lol, one of those units you have to work on with white gloves.

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
Reassembled and testing on an old lab rat board.....all was well.
Ha! Isn't that the old P4 AOpen mobo you posted in this thread?
I knew you'd find a use for it.

Originally Posted by Per Hansson
That's quite the dedication to recapping a PSU.
Yup. But it's one of those units you probably won't have to touch again for at least another 10 years, if not more.
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