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Default Re: Paxville or Bust! The Supermicro X6DA8 Project

Originally Posted by Stefan Payne View Post
Time for vBulletin upgrade?
Newer versions save whatever you were typing...
Just for that feature? - Nah, not worth it, IMO. And even if it wasn't just for that feature, I still don't think it's necessary to upgrade.

If anything, I really like that fact that the forum almost hasn't changed in terms of looks and functionality in the last 10 years (wait, I've been here for 10 years?? ........ yup, just checked: join date was 4th of May in 2008. WOW! ). But what I like even more is that it isn't bloated with pointless features, unlike many newer/updated forums today. You can browse on a Pentium II or a Ryzen Threadripper, and it would still be blazing fast on both.

So I am with TC on this one.
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