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Default Re: BenQ Q22W6 Capacitor Replacement

Sorry rddube as I meant to get back sooner with those numbers but it's been a busy week. Anyway I did get a new meter and tested those points again and they are reading 396 ohms and 392 ohms which I think you referred to as Ok as they were in the ball park.

If not let me know...but unless you have another idea or area to check on that board I guess I'll have to try constructing a CCFL tester per Budm's thread and see if those are a problem. Was really hoping those bad capacitors were the problem but it looks like something else and with all the new meter, new soldering tools..etc this project is becoming cost

I still have some questionable solder joints to go over and re-float but I'm not pinning any high hopes that it's the issue but we will see. Thank you for all your input and advise on this issue!.

Any clue what those 2 transformers (L602, T601 on the board) should read on the pins?

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