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Default Dell U2413 turning off

I recently bought a used Dell U2413 monitor. All is going well until after a few days, the monitor started to shut down on its own. This would happen 30mins to an hour after turning it on -- the behavior is like it's pulled from the AC plug -- no power LED, and pressing the power button does not work. It would then take a few minutes for it to turn back on on its own. Sometimes, it would shut off again within 5mins after turning back on. I noticed that the room temperatt
ure contributes to the issue. When used in a cold room/environment, the monitor works fine. Also, the monitor has four usb ports, with power coming form the main power supply circuit, and one of the ports outputs "1.5Amax" and "supports BC 1.2 compliance charging devices" as stated form the manual. As part of my trouble shooting, once the monitor turns off, I plug a usb device on each port to check for power. All three ports have power, even with the monitos' power LED out, but when I plug a device to the "1.5A" usb port, the monitor somehow turns back on, and shuts off as soon as I unplug the usb device from the said port.

I've taken a look at the power supply board and no visible signs of burnt components, bad solder joints, or bulging capacitors. Though, I've read that some caps may still be going bad even without showing physical symptoms.

Do you guys have an idea what component could be at fault here? I'm slowly leaning towards replacing all caps, but I'm still having doubts as I don't have concrete proof yet.
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