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Default Re: 2m/70c Radio battery eliminator build

So, i just wanted to post an update. I got the MFG's battery eliminator, and surprise surprise, it's an older design, same spec, with less filtering and no AC bridge. And a fuse.

Glory shot

Houston we have a problem. Why is the cord coming out the bottom? Well that won't sit in a cup holder!

Houston, another problem. Dead short on the input! Diode pushed into the heatsink. Easy fix. Also, Focus you FAK!

ChengX caps. This is actually probably one of the better applications for these caps....

Board overview. These is why i say old design. Single layer board, that chip was designed to be a simple retrofit with minimal redesign of the board from a linear regulator according to the datasheet, and it switches at a paltry 52Khz, compared to the 1Mhz in the one i built.

The underside shows much room for improvement...

Now for the reason i got this. It looks a hell of a lot better than a lighter plug to banana plugs, then a set of roach clips hooked onto them.

I personally don't care, but my boss very well might while im opertaing a company truck. Though, with how the inverter is wired in......

So, thats my excuse for getting it. Being able to see how close my design was compared to one built by the maker of the radio, was just a nice extra.
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