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Default Re: the gutless, bloated, and fried power supply hall of shame

Originally Posted by ruky con View Post
A dead Athena Power "Hercules" Model: AP-MPS3ATX35
Yeah, I gotta say I mostly agree with you: the soldering is pretty bad and the secondary side filtering is pretty bad. But at least the unit is not that heavily overrated, other than the 12V rail. And I do see some spots for PI coils. So this *could* *potentially* *maybe* *perhaps* be turned into a decent 150-200 Watt (continuous) power supply with the right components, if one really wanted to bother with it.

Originally Posted by ruky con View Post
The fan still works but the bearing might be getting a bit dry.
Clean and oil it before it becomes loose, and it will actually last a pretty long time. The only cheap sleeve bearing fans I can never properly fix are the ones that have too much wobble in the fan blade assembly / rotor, as that tends to eat the sleeve bearing away much faster and then they start to loose oil very fast (typically less than 1 year with regular use.)

Originally Posted by dmill89 View Post
I was able to get an oscilloscope (hurray for < $30 analogue scopes on e-bay) on this thing with the same load and the results are pretty bad. The scale is set to 50mv per division, looks like we're looking at 200mv+ (ATX spec is 120mv on the 12v rail and even that is pretty bad) spikes and a very solid 100mv+ ripple with a 110-120w 12V heavy load
While bad in general it does look like this PSU does handle a 5V/3.3V heavy load better than a 12V heavy one.
Probably because it only has a single small cap on the 12V rail and no PI coil. A single 2200 uF cap on the 12V rail really is the minimum for a medium load, and more for heavier load - at least for these older, slow-switching h-bridge PSUs.

Originally Posted by dmill89 View Post
I realize it isn't completely "fair" to test a partially re-capped PSU either since there may be other caps that are failed but didn't bloat
That's quite possible too.
But like you said, why bother with this PSU (other than having fun with it). Mine is also sitting in the closet, case-less and still partially recapped. Every once in a while when I need 320V DC to test an adapter, I use the voltage-doubler side of things on that crappy PSU to generate the 320V DC bus for me.

Originally Posted by ruky con View Post
I feel like something is missing from this power supply.
It claims it's maximum output is 4.5-9.5v 800mA.
A hammer to the case?
Seriously, did this thing come with no input filter cap like that? What a POS! Perhaps the manufacturer only meant to say it's capable of 800 uA (microAmps)

Originally Posted by PeteS in CA View Post
Looks like its "beef" came from Taco Bell. (Rimshot! Crash!)
You mean,
ba dum tss

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