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Exclamation Re: List of Bad Cap Manufacturers - update

Happy late birthday Willawake!
Willawake could you please add CapXon (black color/white text) found in a re-badged Deer "Athlon Approved" PSU marked E.M.I. on the manufacturer decal. The PCB was screened with DEER while the decal said otherwise. Found this in an Amptron barebones. Caps on the MB were domed at the proc. I will post info when I identify the model- you know how Amptrons are without original documentation.

Also, correction for the listing of Jun-Foo has been verified as Jun Fu (color resembles the ink from old mimeograph copies- blue/purple with white text).

Please add Fuhjyyu (black color/white text) found in same PSU as Jun Fu. No manufacture's label and came in a new "white box" case.

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