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Default Re: Jetway 830 CF v3.0

Very probably the mfg of the cap - or, that is, crapacitors

Good rule of thumb to stick with is;
When doing a recap, replace them all with known good brands.
For sure, it 2/3 have failed, the ESR on the others will point
to problems, if not now, then very near in the future.

To test the caps, if you have an ESR meter to hand, you
can test the caps in circuit on the mobo. Also, can
use the low ohms setting on a multimeter to determine
if a capacitor has gone s/c or reads anything above
a minimal (very) resistance.

3.3V rail requires 6.3V capacitors
5.0V rail requires 10.0V capacitors and
12.0V rail requires 16.0V capacitors

3.3/5.0 could use 10.0/16.0v respectively

Never undervolt a capacitor on the equivalent rail, so...
12.0V - no 6.3V or 10.0V caps
5.0V - no 6.3V caps

You can marginally raise the capacitor replacements such
as 1000uF original, replace with 1200/1500uF

Exercise caution- conduct your research and make sure
you are replacing with the correct matierals.
It is easy to make a mistake, such as correct polarity etc.

Good Caps thread
see further

Bad Caps thread
see further

Also, search the forum, there is plenty of good advice and shared experience.

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