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Default Re: Inverter tester using old CFL

Originally Posted by LDSisHere View Post
I picked up two devices off of Ebay to test CCFL lamps and I find them very handy. I will attach a picture with both of them in it. I like the larger black one better because it will drive larger bulbs and it came with more connectors. Budm's device is good to have around to test the inverter itself but I have found being able to directly test the CCFL's to save a lot of time and trouble. This may especially be true if you are unfortunate enough to have two blown CCFL's at the same time. The black one cost me $8 shipping included and took about two weeks too arrive. This device may not be everyone's cup of tea but I find it extremely useful. Even if I find obviously bad caps I still check the bulbs before doing any work because some monitors are not worth the effort of replacing the CCFL's IMO. It is quite frustrating to recap a power board and still have two seconds to black because of a burnt CCFL.

thank you for confirming my choice of the black tester over the blue one. Just ordered it from HK.

In the 4th picture all 18 CCFLs appear to be dark in the middle. Do you know why this is happening?
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