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Default Intel D865GLC, Nichicon HN(M) 820uF 6.3V

Not sure if there were fake Nichicons or the wrong type were use or simply that Nichicon had lost the plot.

All but one of these have failed on the mainboard (this is the third board I've seen) at least the warranty returns come with other brands (Chemicon? and I remember seeing a Samoxon).

I refuse to fix these myself and send them all back to Intel regardless on how old they are i.e. out of warranty, it's their responsibility for an inherent fault and so far there has been no issues getting them warranted.

And slightly off topic, Gigabyte are a totally different story and their crap GSC and their refusal to fix 90%+ failure rate, I will continue to badmouth them for their total lack of "taking responsibility"
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