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Default Re: Where can I buy replacement capacitors

What caps should i buy?

Here are some keywords to help you locate the caps in a supplier's catalogue :: passives, capacitors, alumnium electrolytic, radial

Good manufacturers, with their caps in order of highest to lowest ESR (lower is better, but usually higher cost):

Aluminium Electrolytic Wet Capacitors can supply top Rubycon caps or cheaper Samxons with worldwide shipping. Please get in contact with Topcat or simply order online via the online store: Online Store
or if you decide you prefer a professional to fix your board Request Repair Service

Nichicon : PM , PW , HE , HD , HV , HM , HN , HZ

United Chemicon : LXZ , KY , KZE , KZH , KZG not recommended due to more fails, KZJ

Rubycon : YXG , YXH , ZT , ZL , ZLH , ZLG , MBZ , MCZ
Series Chart, List of Substitutes for Old Series

Sanyo : WX , WG

Panasonic : FC , FM
FM is sometimes cheaper than FC and better. Both are great though.

NIC Components - NRSZ , NRSJ , NRSG , NRSX , NRSK

Aluminium Electrolytic Polymer Capacitors

Sanyo (OS-CON Polymers) : SP , SEPC
Be careful with SP series as lead can be too thick for some motherboards / graphics cards

United Chemicon Polymers : PS , PSA, PSC

Nichicon Polymers : LF
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