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Default Re: Soyo SY-6VBA133 - no POST

Originally Posted by momaka View Post
Yup, too weak an iron will do that.
Though if it was a well-built 40W iron with a very thick copper tip (my dad has one like that from the late 70's / early 80's and it's tank), it could work OK. It's mostly all about heat transfer. If you have low power, you can substitute that with large thermal mass and vice versa. But if you have poor heat transfer (thin tip or tip made of cheaper materials), nothing will save you.

That's why with hot air, you need so many Watts to heat something to remove it - because air has pretty poor heat transfer. But then its advantage is that you can remove things without any physical contact from the tool.
It is one of those Radioshack style chinese crap irons. I had a 60W one with a really thick tip but that one died. (wouldn't heat anymore - mica based, like the 40Ws I have are made - ceramic stuff is way too expensive here)

I was thinking of asking one of my friends who runs a repair shop if I can use his solderi g station (it's a Pro'sKit station) as it's temperature controlled and I might have better results.
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