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Default Re: Another HannsG HG281D

I was poking around the circuit boards again today, and when I checked the front of the screen, on the right half of the display, a sort of faded, discolored image was showing!

I took all new TCON measurements (numbers look much better), had the computer go back to sleep while doing so, and when it kicked back on, the screen was all white again.

Voltage was sagging back to 2V at Q14 source, I started poking around on the 5V line, and noticed that the right hand side of the display flashed when I touched FB14. This time, there was a kinda stripey, greyed out image on the right quarter of the display.

Could this be a bad ferrite bead?

Any ideas what a suitable replacement would be?
How bad of an idea is it to just jumper over the thing?
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