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Default Re: Another HannsG HG281D

TCON measurements follow

VCC   3.32V
VDDR  3.30
VDDA  4.59V
VGL   0.46V
VGH   0.59V
VGH_M 0.18V
F400  4.85V
VDD+1.8V 1.80V

OE  0.61
SDA 3.3
SDL 3.3

V1  4.49
V2  4.37
V3  3.62
V4  3.33
V5  3.14
V6  2.85
V7  2.50
V8  2.41
V9  1.89
V10 1.52
V11 1.33
V12 1.00
V13 0.22
V14 0.07

4.83V on each side of L200
Let me know if there are any other pads of interest!

Also, I started checking out Q202 which is a 4468 30V N-channel MOSFET.
gate & source are all 0V, drain is 4.83V - seems like this should be getting switched on but it isn't?
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