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Default Re: low or super low ESR + impedance caps

First of all, great job Trodas, it's all looking very 'neat' and professionally done.

Originally Posted by Per Hansson
2.7Ghz, damn that is impressive!

I got my XP-M 2500+ running at 2.3ghz with an Alpha 8045... But that was it, it did not like going higher...
In general, though, those XP-M chips can be remarkably overclockable - one of the kids is using a 2600+ model, which is running stably at 2.56 GHz (stably by the standards of 'gaming', NB: not the kind of stability I would ever think of running any vaguely serious workstation at!)

Remarkable in a way is the 'emergency machine', I have here, built out of total junk from the "trash bin", - a modded-to-death ECS K7S5A, running a AMD Socket A Thoroughbred at almost 2.4GHz, with its stock cooler. Vcore is, needless to say, moronically high, temperatures are volcanic, and the MB's OST caps are just itching to blow their tops...

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