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Unhappy Re: low or super low ESR + impedance caps

Per Hansson - thanks a lot We see what happens on higher clock anyway. I was just toying with the mobo ATM due to lack of better CPU for testing (I want preserve my "typing machine" before I get the final caps...)

davmax - thanks. And yes, a hi-temp silicone I tried to use to quiet them down. I learned the hard way that it will not quiet them down (nothing can improve a bad design, except maybe a lot of caps added to filter as much, as they can) and the silicone is impossible (at least as it seems to me for now) to remove. So I scour what I can, but the rest (and VERY UGHLY rest indeed) remaining there...
Better photo next time the Taiwan mobo, witch did not have such ughly problem. Look, how they are once beautifull:

And please, just for once - read what I write, okay? It is kind of puzzling me now, what I stated clearly that the used CPU is a TESTING CPU - eg. piece of junk and I did not show what the mobo can do yet - and I even can't with such crappy CPU...
Wait before I replace it with my AXP-M 2600+ (or with the the 2400+ one, witch is supposed to be good clocker as well, at least Mark says so...) and then you will see.
I'm puzzled because I used to run at 200x13 - 2600Mhz and I did not call 200x12.5 overclocking at all, so... Please don't say that this board is unable to go higher, or I show you, that it can go as high, that it can do WR in 3DMark 01 score.
ATM Stefan SAE hold it - as his sig says:
3DMark01 = 25807 @ 12.5x261MHz 11-2-2-2-2.0 w/DFI Lanparty B - 9800XT No.1 AXP

Now at just a very slight testing OC, at very poor 230x11 I was able to reach 21 871 points. Now even w/o the OCP mod, my CPU can do a hell lot more:

Validated on xtremeforums there:
Jupiler (Administrator) - trodas, Zejtan, ziR.DiGi and masterchorch:
all checksums pass.
So - it short - don't push me

Chris1992 - geee, I trying to keep my machines so clean, mate. No dust, damn silicone, my fault!

And anyway, I already get bored again and removed the sound output ports as well, hehe. I did not even use them, since I using Audigy2zs and soon X-Fi Fatal1ty, so... And they does restrict the airflow, so for the sake of better cooling - off they go. And the board is still functional, LOL
Above this, I also removed every the remaining ten pieces of OST (one smaller Teapo between them, a 22uF for 25V one) 100uF caps between the PCI slots and one near the main power cord from PSU for 120uF 16V Panasonic FM ones. They are bit bigger and more bulky, but I hate the idea of caps, marked as BAD CAPS and known to be prone for FAILING MISERABLY are on my mobo. Easpecially the cursed Teapo went off the mobo with big kick in the arse...

Now the only one caps that are originals there are the cursed 6 caps witch are going to be replaced as soon, as I get them and other that that - there is 12 10uF SMD caps, this one right to the bulky Panasonic:

...and on it is writen 3t, 10, 16V.
What are these? Anyone know?
Since they are near the AGP, around the sound output and some around the SB I did not think much about replacing them, but I have 10uF 16V ceramic caps, witch will do better job for sure - ceramics is always better that electrolyte ones, by their far lower ESL and ESR (means also more ripple current they could deliver...). But it is worth? Can they be failing?
Especially those near bellow the AGP port will be very hard to remove/replace...
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