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Default Re: low or super low ESR + impedance caps

Hey trodas .
I'm gonna join this thread, even though I allready posted in the sister thread in dfi-street.

These guys have alot of knowledge, I would'nt mind asking them ?'s and all, I hope you don't mind .

I got the same board guys.
Mine was made in china.

I can post specs later, I'm 100% stable(prime, superpi, s&m and memtest at 275, 550mhz fsb, 250x10 prime and everything stable @1.725v vcore)

I've been planning on doing some of the hardware mods, I've had this board maybe 3yrs now I dn.

I have a few things I'd like to do other then caps.

The caps, I've been looking at mine lately.
I've managed to figuer out what most of them are, but I'd have to shut down my rig, maybe even take the board out to check the rest.

I mapped them to the same #'s in the pic that trodas posted.


1: Chemi-con KZG 6.3v 3300uf
2: Chemi-con KZG 6.3v 3300uf
3: Chemi-con KZG 6.3v 3300uf
4: Chemi-con KZG 6.3v 3300uf
5: Chemi-con KZG 6.3v 3300uf
6: Chemi-con KZG 16v 1500uf
7: Chemi-con KZG 16v 1500uf
8: Chemi-con KZG 16v 1500uf
9: Teapo ??
10: NA
11: NA
12: NA
13: NA
14: NA
15: NA
17: NA
18: NA
19: ??? (Can't even see that area)
20: ??? (Can't even see that area)
21: NA
22: NA
23: NA
24: ??? (Can't even see that area)
25: OST ??
26: OST 16v 470uf
27: OST 16v 470uf
28: OST 16v ?uf
29: Teapo ??
30: Teapo ??
31: Teapo ??
32: ???
33: ???
34: Teapo 6.3v 1000uf
35: ???
36: ???
37: ???
38: ??? (Oscon Type)
39: ??? (Oscon Type)
40: ??? (Oscon Type)
41: ??? (Oscon Type)
42: ??? (Oscon Type)
43: ??? (Oscon Type)

I got these as possible spares, I found them in backplane servers lol, really old ones.
The rubies come from an asus nf2 board, which I would be willing to tear out if they are usefull as replacements(but I would replace these rubies with something else, because I still want the board for my mom).

Have Stock:

5X 6.3v, 3300uf

5X 6.3v 3900uf
1X 10v 2200uf

2X 6.3v 1500uf

2X 16v 1500uf
1X 10v 2200uf

I know it's best if I just look them up myself and determain but still.
Maybe you guys can tell me right off the bat what are good ones.
I mean, should I replace the Chemi-con KZG's with any of the above I have spare?
I would if they were of any inprovement what so ever .

I'm not sure about increaseing the uf though, because I dn how the board would really act.
I would be willing sure, but it would truly suck if my oc went down hill.

And yes, I got lots of those ost's, and teapo's.
Which I would replace.
I still need to finish up what is default on my board though before that.
I'm most interested ni the cpu, north bridge and memory.

Pci and agp is fine, I've been 120mhz agp stable, and 60mhz pci stable.
Depends on the video card though and the bios I use for that.

There's better rubycon's out there I know.
One of the types in that stiky.
Thoguh I've heard of 2 othr types too, la and lz I think were the names I'm not sure, I would need to look them up again.
Still, I got what I got for now, next month I can find more spares on more piled up server board lol.
My buddy has got tons of old crap.
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