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Default Re: Alienware M17x R3, LA-6601P is missing +VCC_GFXCORE_AXG CPU voltage

you need to check pu800, it makes +VCC, I just fixed similar board (LA-C912P).
often this chip is shorted because of bad caps that fail under heatsink heat. check caps near pu800. Easiest way to locate short, you remove 5V coil by DC input (it will be next to 3V coil, leave that one. remember if shorted 5V line then your coil will be 0V, look up schematics for exact location, its like one coil away from DC jack connector) then measure resistance on each pad. If its 50+ oms/koms then its fine, if low number like 10 oms then you have a short on 5V line. Inject 5V with lab power supply to low resistance pad. Feel mobo for hot stuff, you need at least 2A load to feel heat... or you can crank it to 5A and smell that bad boy! is offline   Reply With Quote