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Default Li-ion AAA replacement with li-ion pack

Ok, I have this device, a skulpt chisel. It's acting funky, and the battery never goes higher than 70% charged anymore. I popped the case open, and instead of NiMH batteries I was expecting (older version had them), I found Li-ion batteries. Two 10440 AAA form factor 3.7v 320mah batteries. I can find 10440 batteries, but finding ones with solder tabs is a challenge. I'm really not into ebay li-ion batteries. I'm not soldering the tabs on myself, it's not worth the risk.

So, I have found a flat pack that will fit. I can cut the plug, solder the wires on, tape the pack down, and it's all good.

My question is, will the electronic protection circuits on this pack interfere with the charging circuits on the board? The standard li-ion AAA batteries don't seem to have any obvious protection circuits on them.


Battery Datasheet:

Battery Protection IC

And there is an 8814 mosfet which i assume cuts off the battery if something bad happens.

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