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Default Re: Cap. plague in Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400?

aic1563 is a dc-dc converter chip, see
check example circuits in datasheet and compare your parts with circuit.i have hunch it may be input capacitor for the chip... if so this cap must meet some minimum specs like max esr, ripple etc and a 100uf polymer or tantalum is probably meeting those but an 100uf electrolytic capacitor would not, so i guess they probably went with whatever capacitance and voltage rating combo they could fit and meet the requirements.
my guess is 50v rated, 330uf or something like that... though kinda small for such big values. 0G is also code for 4v voltage rating on small caps but usually theres at least a space before or code is by itself on a line... it would be easier to just desolder and measure.

remove that brown "glue" wherever you see it, it's not supposed to be brown. that material had bad chemical formula, as it ages it goes bad and becomes conductive and can short traces and contacts under itself

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