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Default Re: Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

Originally Posted by eccerr0r View Post
How about this:

what's the voltage across the power resistors 32->33 and 26->27

Might well also take the voltage across 2->3 for grins. Voltage from 22->4 might be helpful but as it's a transition from ac -> dc, numbers might look screwey.
Here is a very fun update, making huge progress, thanks to all 'ya all

1) Replaced both D1 & D2 with HER-208, nothing blew up, and C1 charged like a turtle.. no change.

2) The measurements of 22->4 were given earlier, it is roughly 42-50VAC, in VDC it jumps around 35VDC.

3) 2->3 is 25 VAC

4) 32->33 is 10VAC

5) now the kicker i think... 22->27 comes at 110 VAC!!!

so, maybe that ceramic resistor is bad?? it says 10W @ 360 Ohm J.

Looking around all my old junk, nothing looks remotely like that.. need to figure how to connect some old CHAIR or something that has the same electrical properties, but not sure what can be substituted, so might need to order and wait...

Thanks everyone! looks like that is the issue of slow charging at least

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