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Default Re: Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

regarding: " 3) pulled the SCR and tested with volt trigger, volt drop ~0.75"

I pulled SCR out, and tested as per videos showing to do very similar to what eccerr0r explains, but without a light source, just DMM, and tapped the GATE tip; DMM in diode mode, it showed 0.75 Voltage drop once triggered.. removing contact it went to zero, again triggering it jumped to 0.75Volt drop, and reversing black/red did not do the same thing, so I think the SCR is OK, but as other tests will proceed, I'm open to doing what eccerr0r suggested!

As for C2, that was my *initial* thought (naively thinking, hey that little capacitor must be tired next to all these other tough and some massive components); pulled it FIRST, testing via 2 testers shows 22uF, so on-paper, it shows OK, but i'm willing to go with this hunch, after all, I did not go to badcaps for no reason Maybe under real load it doesn't hold the specs.

The only thing, on-hand i can only find [email protected], or [email protected], so I'm suspecting to go with the [email protected] and hope that is OK, otherwise i may need to search/order that 22/50v...

I'll do more testing as promised/time permits and report back.
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