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Default Re: Repair Fence Energizer SS-1000E Fi-Shock

If you use #27 as ground you should measure DC volts at #4 (between 22 and 4 are 2 diodes in series) that change ac to dc.
again using #27 as ground measure the dc at #14, and then at #26 #15 and #31.

If you were to apply DC to a transformer it wouldnot produce any voltage on the secondary, SO they use the scr to switch the dc on and off across the primary and that induces a voltage in the secondary, in this case the high voltage for the fence.
The diac tells the scr to switch on and off.
I dont quite get what you met by "3) pulled the SCR and tested with volt trigger, volt drop ~0.75"
to check the scr, don't use diode test, use resistance,
You should not measure any resistance between anode(A) and cathode (k) If you do it would likely be in the 100k range
You should measure some resistance between Gate (G) and cathode (K) around 30-50 Ω give or take

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