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Default Re: Netflix VR dropping back to Who's Watching

Originally Posted by japlytic View Post
I had problems where Netflix VR randomly drops back to the "Who's Watching?" screen without an error message, and I happened to catch a network error message when I tried to sign in at one time, which meant it was not related to overheating but a problem with the network.
The network problem was traced to roaming between two associated wireless networks during streaming resulting in a dropout when transitioning between wireless networks, so I removed an associated wireless network from my device and the problem was fixed.

Still wondering why Netflix VR does not give an error message when the network drops out...
IIRC, LOL, reminds me of some PC programs that use the loopback network interface for one portion to talk to another (literally, IIRC) and if there's a problem connecting to, IIRC, it will just keep bouncing back to the loading screen, IIRC.

Racer ( is one of those, IIRC.
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