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Default Re: Alienware M17x R3, LA-6601P is missing +VCC_GFXCORE_AXG CPU voltage

KBC should not be related to this kind of issues except if it disturbs BIOS data lines, but given you get to an S0 state with CPU reset de-asserted it should be fine.
Not having POST codes could mean various things : communication issue between PCH and BIOS ROM, communication issue between CPU and PCH, clock issue, corrupted BIOS, BIOS itself doesn't output any code. You can check the signal on the BIOS CS# pin to at least see if it is being activated.
I've got a older desktop board with the same symptoms, I replaced northbridge/southbridge/clock generator/BIOS ROM/Ethernet IC and it still doesn't want to read the BIOS even though the CPU reset signal is de-asserted.
Not sure what to troubleshoot going from there.
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