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Default Re: Sony XBR75X850C no picture backlights on

OK got into this thing further and found a shorted M LCC capacitor at location CSA191. This runs the 1st ribbon driver on 4th board over on FRC. Replaced shorted M LCC and short when a way that was showing up on the tcon. However upon powering up I still have no picture some of the low voltages like the 16 volt and others do not want to come up on tcon. I cannot seem to get them to come up even thou the old board for some reason I had to heat up in order for the voltages to come up to show the good side of the panel working. Received new tcon a and same issue. Panel is manufactured by Samsung and so is the tcon board. My question is do all ribbon connections need to be made in order for a loopback feedback back to the tcon to power up other voltages? As anyone ever heard of this in case I might still have some problem with the LCD panel even know everything seems to test good going back to tcon board now.

Only voltage present is 1.3v running main processor. VCOM ,VCC, VREF, AVDD, HVDD, And all other voltages dead.
Did I leave the soldering iron on?

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