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Default Re: Cap. plague in Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400?


Just spent a few hours with the oscilloscope and found *nothing*. The original caps were Taicons, guess I misread the labels. Oops. I swapped them anyway, no change. Also swapped the motor driver chips (there are a few notes in the service manual that imply that Minolta knew something about failing motor drive chips). No change with that either.

I'm working this weekend, so I'm taking a little "working break" from this particular project. However, if anyone who's done troubleshooting work on Minolta film scanners is reading this and would like to share their expertise... either post below, or email me. I'm philpem at

At this point, I'm thinking "busted mechanics" (though this seems unlikely, there are only a dozen or so gears and all of them look fine), "busted drive motor" (maybe, but not likely), or possibly "busted motherboard".

It's going through the startup dance (if there's a film holder loaded, it'll eject it) but won't go through white/black level calibration. I've yet to figure out what it's waiting for...

This is so annoying!

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