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Default Re: Hitachi LE55A6R9A - No backlight

Originally Posted by R_J View Post
You would need to connect the probes where I indicated and then turn on the tv, Its a good chance that if there is no load (ie: open led circuit) the power supply for the led's will shut down. so the voltage may only be there for a couple seconds
Gotcha, I'll try that now!

EDIT: Okay, tried it. Powered it off and on and even turned it off and on at the wall once with the probes in place while staring at the meter. Nothing across there.

EDIT2: I'll get you that larger view, by the way. Sorry I think I missed an edit, and I read that about it being isolated from the chassis ground as well!

EDIT3: Actually, copied over from budm's ShopJimmy link!

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