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Default Circuit voltage measurement problem.


I got an issue with power supply section of my plasma TV. When turned on it seem to get green light like its starting and after like 10 sec goes to blinking red.

I opened up the unit and started pinpointing the culprit so found when TV just switched on at point where it supposed to be 400V to LLC_SUPPLY it goes up to 380V and decreases to about 140V then a relay click and blinking light appears voltages just gradually continues to drop. I traced it to bridge rectifier and got 230V on pin 2 when tv in that 10 sec period and goes to 0 when red light starts blinking. The question is on pin 3 is the Volatge supposed to be 230V as well, as arrows show that it is an input as well? (its probably me not understanding how to measure it maybe? I measured it the same way as pin 2. DMM to AC setting and black to good ground and red probe to pin 2 and pin 3)

Is that AC2 line supposed to be 0V or I am making very stupid mistake when measuring it? Any help or advice please

Thank you.
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