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Default Re: the gutless, bloated, and fried power supply hall of shame

Ok, my late father-in-law collected "stuff"(The only way to think of it). We started with two sheds full and ever since he passed(in '10) once a month I go grab something and see what I can get out of it. Dirt, insect's, etc, etc are just the beginning. Most of the time I can get a decent amount of componets or even get it working. I don't think I'll get much from this one.

I present the "King Star" KC-250 ATX power supply. First picture has the written specs:
+5V 25A
+12V 10A
+5VSB 1A
+3.3V 14A
-12V 1A
-5V 0.5A
It has a UL listing, but I can guarantee it's fake.

Next up the input. The main thing that I noticed is that the input choke(red and white wire) looks like it is wound with telephone wiring. It has to get hot. The input caps are Capex. The "Y" caps are 1KV common ceramics, NOT safety caps. The three semiconductors on the high side are
1 x C3866 900V 3A
2 x C4106 400V 7A

As far as isolation go, there are two narrow slits and nothing else. No opticouplers or feedback transformers. From tracing back from the KIA339 (quad voltage comparators) it looks like NO isolation.
The large transformer is a KL-EE-33 and the two smaller ones are KL-EE-16A/B's.
It looks like controlling this thing is a combination of a KIA494P PWM controller and a KIA339 quad comp.

On the output we have the following semiconductors:
1 x 7805 5V power regulator
1 x CEP6060 60V 42A MosFET
1 x Home made dual diode(take a look at the last picture)
1 x S16C40 40V 16A Schottky Diode`
Output caps are a combo of Feltec and Capex 105 degree caps. Output filters are two vertical inductors and a bifilar wound torrid.

I don't know what this things max safe output was, but I can't imagine it being 250 watts.
I looked everywhere and could not find a model number on the PCB, only the standard fuse warning.

I think this thing definitely belongs here...
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